Our Approach

Our Approach

We typically adhere to the following process as we design our instruction program for each student. However, because we recognize that students have variable learning needs, we may modify the following standard procedures in accordance with each student’s particular situation as well as program assignment:

Step 1 —> Registration & Student Interview

Step 2 —> Diagnostic Evaluation

Step 3 —> Parent Conference & Student Learning Plan

Step 4 —> Tutoring

Step 5 —> Ongoing Evaluations of Progress

1 Registration & Student Interview

Since we greatly value student and parent feedback, we begin the tutoring process by having the student’s parent fill out a registration form to describe their child’s background, as well as what the student and parent hope to gain from tutoring at Ivy Test Prep. We encourage parents and their child to visit us at our company headquarters in East Rutherford, NJ on the 3rd Floor. Once you arrive, one of our staff members will meet with you to further discuss our tutoring programs that will benefit the student most as well as our diagnostic procedures.

2 Diagnostic Evaluation

Our staff will administer the appropriate diagnostic evaluation according to the stated subject area of concern. The diagnostic evaluation may include a formal reading assessment, math assessment, and/or relevant standardized test. Our staff may also use informal assessments, such as an analysis of your child’s performance on homework and/or school tests, in order to further pinpoint current academic challenges and examine ways to make tutoring relevant to your child’s present school assignments.

3 Parent Conference & Student Learning Plan

Our staff will analyze the results of your child’s diagnostic evaluation and take parental concerns expressed during Step 1 into consideration as we create a tentative Student Learning Plan for your child. We will meet with you to discuss the contents of this Student Learning Plan, which will describe your child’s evaluation results, recommendations for frequency and duration of tutoring, and content areas that will be addressed during tutoring. Because we value parent feedback, we will address your questions or concerns during this meeting and modify the Student Learning Plan accordingly if necessary.

4 Tutoring

We will develop a tutoring schedule and payment plan that best meets your child’s and family’s needs. Based upon your child’s specific area of need as well as your schedule and concerns, we will work together to enroll your child in the appropriate program and determine whether instruction will take place on an individual or group basis. Depending upon the program selected, we may work to increase your child’s knowledge of material and improve your child’s skill set, and/or aim to enhance your child’s performance on specific, school-related tasks. Once instruction commences, the tutor will aid your child at his or her current level of achievement in order to establish rapport and build confidence. The tutor will then aim to improve your child’s knowledge and academic performance by increasing levels of difficulty. Because we place a strong emphasis on maintaining children’s interest and motivation to learn, we believe in the importance of having our tutors constantly challenge students without overburdening them.

5 Ongoing Evaluations of Progress

Your child’s tutor will track content covered as well as student progress in a log. The tutor will also conduct reviews and follow-up appraisals throughout the tutoring period in order to further assess areas of strength and weakness. Depending upon the results of these assessments as well as parent input, modifications to the original Student Learning Plan will be made as necessary. With your permission, our center will also reach out to your child’s school with the goal of more closely aligning instruction with the exact material that your child is currently learning in school, and/or to receive input from teachers and keep your child’s school informed of his/her progress.