High School Counseling

7 Parts of a Successful College Application

Demonstrating high level of achievement in standardized tests, and high school and AP classes

Passionate and substantial engagement in extracurricular activities

Conscientiousness, as demonstrated by volunteering and civic-engagement

Evidence of engagement in reputable and intellectually-stimulating work during holidays

In-Depth letters of recommendation from teachers who have closely worked with you

Compelling application essays written in a fresh and authentic voice arguing your commitment to academic excellence, highlighting current projects and future goals

Confident presentation and interpersonal communication skills to ace admissions interviews

Applying to College

Applying to college is nerve-wracking, stressful and tedious, but rest assured we will make sure it at least isn’t expensive. Our counselors and admissions experts with decades of experience will sit with students and parents to create an extensive action plan, continuously following up until you are at the gates of the school of your choice.

Based on your overall academic and extracurricular profile, Ivy’s admissions experts will suggest the best course of action including which tests to take, which schools to apply to, and how you can stand out.

No Such Thing as an “Elite” School

Sure, college admissions has become more and more competitive over the years. Acceptance isn’t easy, especially for top-tier schools such as MIT, Caltech, Stanford, Harvard, Princeton and Yale. However, with the right strategy for your academic and extracurricular profile, you can drastically improve your chances for acceptance. At Ivy Test Prep, we are excited to help students from low-income families achieve success befitting their talents, for a fraction of the cost compared with other tutoring centers.

Why College Counseling?

As challenging as it is, the college admissions process seems fairly straightforward—you work on your high school GPA, strengthen your extracurricular credentials, perform well on standardized tests, write meaningful application essays, and leave the rest to fate. With our expert advising, you are guaranteed to be making a confident case for “best fit” schools. How do I get accepted into an Ivy League school? Should I apply in-state or out-of-state? Get these and other questions answered at Ivy Test Prep!