Ivy Test Prep Group Tutoring



132-Hour Exclusive Package

Our 32-hour exclusive package can fit in any subject and any test. If you need a quick and trusted test prep services such SAT, ACT,TOEFL and IELTS, this program will be the one that you are looking for. You will get effective testing techniques, sample testing questions and full length proctored practice. You will get many opportunities to discuss your academic goals with our expert instructors.


272-Hour Extended Package

Our 72-hour extended program will match your needs the most. This 8 week program will enhance your test scores, test taking skills and knowledge level. You will have several full length proctored practice which will continuously monitor your progress. Our certified tutors will make sure that your progress is on the right track.


3104-Hour Ultimate Package

Our 108-Hour ultimate package will take you the points which you will be wishing for. This program will certainly open the doors where you are aiming at. If you are planning to take SAT, ACT, TOEFL and IELTS, this program will guarantee your point increase. We recommend this program during the summer time where you plan your goals early. You will be able to control your own process with several full-length proctored exams. The students who took this program increased 300 points in average.



Ivy Test Prep Group Tutoring Packages


32-Hour Package

$699 Per Person

3 full length proctored exams 
Free Resources 
Elite Instructors 
Flexible schedule and hours 
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72-Hour Package Most Popular

$1299 Per Person

4 full length proctored exams
Online instant scoring 
Free Resources 
Elite Instructors
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104-Hour Package

$1,999 Per Person

5 full length proctored exams
Personal level coaching 
Free Resources 
Guaranteed Score Increase 
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