High School Admissions Test Prep at Ivy

At Ivy Test Prep, Student’s Have Received Acceptance into:

  • Bergen County Academies (Bergen County)
  • Academies at Englewood (Bergen County)
  • Bergen County Technical School (Bergen County)
  • Morris Hills High School (Morris County)
  • Passaic County Technical Institute (Passaic County)
  • Technology High School (Essex County)



7 out of 10 Ivy Students have passed the Bergen County Academies Entrance Test

Every year, nearly 2000 middle-school seniors across New Jersey compete for a sixth of that number of spots, at one of seven specialized high schools called the Bergen County Academies. The BCA boasts top faculty, advanced classes, and superior extracurricular activities, readying students for the best colleges and universities in the world.

Whether you are interested in Business, Medicine, Science and Tech, Culinary Arts, or Visual and Performing Arts, our BCA Test Prep program is designed to give you the competitive edge to get accepted into an academy and program of your choice.

Improve Math Skills, Speed, and Accuracy

The BCA Entrance Test has two parts. In the Math section, you will solve 40 high difficulty-level questions in 60 minutes. For a fighting chance, you typically have to correctly answer at least over thirty of those questions. With Ivy training, we have seen students who answered less than 10 questions right on the initial diagnostic test, eventually going on to pass the BCA exam.


Write the Perfect Essay

For the second part of the BCA Entrance Test, you will write a five-paragraph essay answering a prompt based on a short historical, informative, or literary passage. The BCA Admissions Committee looks for well-reasoned, well-structured, and well-substantiated essays written in lively high-school-level language. Through brainstorming sessions, and group and individual writing exercises, Ivy teachers will equip you with the skills to write the perfect essay.

Ace the Interview

Ivy’s intensive BCA Prep program doesn’t end with helping you pass the test. After you have been called for the in-person interview, our admissions experts who know the selection process inside and out will walk you through the most commonly asked questions, working with you on crafting the best possible answers for you to get accepted into your dream school.