College Admissions Counseling

Applying to college is nerve-wracking, stressful and tedious.


Ivy’s College Admissions Counselors are experts with over 15 years of experience and will guide students and parents with an extensive action plan, and create strong college applications to earn admission into their dream schools.


The Action Plan

Based on your overall academic and extracurricular profile, Ivy’s admissions experts and counselors will suggest the best course of action including which tests to take (SAT or ACT), which schools to apply to and when, and how you can stand out from the crowd.


The Application Process

Create a strong portfolio of strengths and goals which demonstrate a high level of achievement in standardized tests, AP tests, extracurricular profile, and letters of recommendation. It is important to tailor the application to the student’s accomplishments and goals for the future.


The Admissions Essay

College admissions essays are now more important than ever. Our Admissions counselors and experts dive deep to help write compelling essays with a fresh and authentic voice that will spark the attention of admissions at your dream college.


Why College Admissions Counseling?

We guide students and parents from start to finish. From choosing in-state, out of state to interviews and acceptance, we work with your unique profile and highlight it to make it stand out from the crowd with this program.

The earlier you prepare, the more opportunities you will have.


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