ACT Prep at Ivy

SAT v ACT: We Will Help You Choose

The ACT is an equally popular alternative to the SAT, and therefore an excellent ACT score can make a crucial difference to your college application. Ivy Test Prep’s robust curriculum is expertly designed to increase your mastery of Math, Reading, English, Science and Essay sections of the ACT.

Personalized Programs

The aim of Ivy’s ACT Prep program is to take every one of you as close to achieving the perfect score as possible, proportionate to the effort you put in. For this, we will decide everything ranging from the number of classes you need for each subject, to the concepts we cover in those classes, based on your performance in the initial diagnostic test.

Experienced and Service-Minded Teachers

Past students who have expressed disappointment with other tutoring centers have all had the same complaint—that the tutor acted like an arrogant know-it-all. On the other hand, Ivy teachers will be your expert friends, coaches and guides, as evident from the fact that they are all ready to tutor you at any location of your convenience!

Flexible Locations, Friendliest Prices

Study at Ivy and save up on your commute. Thanks to our extensive network of teachers, we are able to offer personalized ACT prep programs at a neutral venue in your town, or even in the comfort of your own home. Also, because our prep programs are only as long as they absolutely should be, you will be spending the least at Ivy compared to any other tutoring center.

That’s why we say we will not only get you accepted into your dream school but also help you save up for it!

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