300 points

What I love about Ivy Test Prep is that showing up every day demands that I’m entirely focused on the rigorous curriculum materials, in addition to immersing myself in a learning environment with my students that is highly interactive.

Classes are at once extremely intense and also really laid back. What I mean by that is, the course material is demanding, and I have a high standard that I have to meet every day, but at the same time my students are very open with me in terms of discussing their challenges. In less than of two weeks, I have seen student scores go up by 250, even 300 points, which is astronomical, and that’s just a reflection of them receiving the positive instruction every day.

Kesin A.
Instructor, SAT English

750 in the Math section

I increased my SAT score by almost 300 points after coming to Ivy Test Prep. The teacher-to-student ratio was perfect, and there was a good mix of a supportive and competitive environment in the classroom. From getting scores in the 1100s and 1200s, I began scoring around 750 in the Math section, and my English scores also substantially improved.

Ivy’s curriculum is intensive and well-planned, covering all topics without rushing through them or wasting too much time. Also, there’s no SAT program that’s more affordable. 

Tenzin S.
Student, SAT Prep Program

I would definitely recommend!

I love the atmosphere! The teachers are extremely comforting and are always willing to work with you one on one. The pricing is more affordable compared to any other SAT program I have looked into.

I would definitely recommend!

Ashley R

I prefer to you to do it!

The best sat prep that I have been ever attended. Teachers are great and they know the system very well, so if you think to take courses from ivy prep, I prefer to you to do it.

Alperen Ulker

Understand Everything!

Comforting staff,  great one on one tutoring! The teacher makes sure you understand everything fully. The location is great, public transportation is available everywhere, including the city.

Lily Sanchez

Try it out!

The course helped me improve my SAT score by 170 points! I highly recommend for everyone to try it out.

Damla Eldivan