ivy test prep tutoring services

High-school classmates and teacher


1Private Tutoring

Here at Ivy Test Prep, we carefully analyze our student's needs and create a master plan for them to increase their academic performance. Our experienced and certified instructors will assist each students to fulfill their full potential. Our private tutoring sessions will make sure that each and every student will perform better in their academic life.



2Group Tutoring

Our group tutoring sessions will prepare each student for their academic goal such as grade increase, prep for state exams, and high school entrance exams. Our group tutoring option will help our students to increase their self-esteem and create a positive learning environment. Our instructor and our students will have ample opportunity to communicate for the student's needs.




3Online Tutoring

Online tutoring services help students to save more time and become more convenient for them. Our live online tutoring sessions are very flexible and fits in every complex schedule. Our quality instructors integrate technology into effective learning via latest technology. Students and instructors are able to communicate instantly with online tutoring. Don't miss our great discounts for online tutoring!!!