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College Application Talk: How Important Are Athletic Extracurricular Activities in College Admissions?

Benefits Explained. Understand not only the importance of them in applications, but also for hard and soft skills for students.

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Should You Take the SAT or ACT?

Should you take the SAT or the ACT? Read more to distinguish between the two tests and understand how they can benefit you.

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College Application Talk: Rolling Admissions During COVID-19

Learn the Truth About Rolling Admissions During COVID-19, and How To Apply To Colleges Without Missing Deadlines!

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SAT Test Dates for 2021

2021 SAT Test Dates listed here. Find out how to prepare just in time for the SAT date, the registration link, and more!

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Important College Application Deadlines 2021

Applying to Colleges for 2021? Here are all the deadlines you need to know.

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Applying to College during the COVID-19 Pandemic: What's Different?

With just 3 weeks left to apply for Colleges and Universities in 2020, students are facing the realities of what it is like to apply for College in pandemic. Find out what's different this year and how to combat the difficulties.

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Simple Guide to Bergen County Academies Online Entrance Exam

Bergen County Academies is hosting their first ever online entrance exam. Read more to find out what not to do on test day, and what to do to ensure your student is in the right direction for the exam.

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Application Checklist: Academies at Englewood

10/25/20 - Applications are now open! Important information, dates, and deadlines for 8th graders applying to Academies at Englewood (Class of 2025).

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Application Checklist: Bergen County Academies (BCA)

10/25/20 - Applications are now open! Important information, dates, and deadlines for 8th graders applying to Bergen County Academies (Class of 2025).

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How to Achieve the Best Results with Remote Learning

9/21/20 - K-12 education is incredibly important and every school subject is part of an enrichment process to create memories and experiences that will educate further than just the textbooks. Whether local school districts have decided to be fully remote, or hybrid (in-person and remote), there are ways not to feel defeated and unmotivated for the coming school year...

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Interested in Sending Your Student to Bergen County’s Top Magnet/High Schools?

9/28/20 - Students who are admitted into magnet schools get to bypass their local high schools and are bused to the county-run academies for four years, where they can get access to specialized classes, top teachers, career training and courses offering college credit. Here's what you need to know...

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