about us

Ivy Test Prep is a company of adults, families and local citizens who believe that education can bring about important opportunities to a brighter prospect. Our tutoring, Math, and English programs prepare young people for a successful future by developing self-directed students, strong communicators, and effective problem-solvers. As you can see, we do not just educate a child for the present but establish “life skills” that a student can use for the future. Programs at Ivy Test Prep reach into surrounding neighborhoods to involve businesses in helping youth become cultured citizens and self-assured leaders.


How and where can do I register for any program at Ivy Test Prep?

Ivy Test Prep offers a variety of ways to register for its programs. Parents and students can either sign up on line or face-to-face. If you plan to sign up online you must visit our website www.ivytp.com , scroll down, search for the column “QUICK LINKS”, then finally click “SIGN UP FOR A CLASS” link. That button should direct you to our registration website.

If you plan to register face-to-face you must visit our central office at 196 Paterson Ave 3rd Floor, East Rutherford, NJ 07073 between the hours of 10:00 A.M – 4:00 P.M (Monday –Friday). Then you must ask to either speak with Director Zorba or Assistant Director Velves.



School Performance

Attending Ivy Test Prep can improve students’ academic performance by providing skills and tips that can help students understand the material better. We help students who are not paying attention in school bring their focus back into the subject.


Social Skills

Ivy Test Prep promotes cooperation, support, and respect. Students can feel more secure by socializing with other students. They can gain confidence with speaking in front of a group. We like to encourage our students to try new things and take more risks which in turn build self-esteem.


High Test Score

Applying for colleges and universities are tough enough, so students need to acknowledge that a slight increase in the SAT or ACT score can be the difference between the desired college acceptance notification and a disappointing rejection letter. Taking a comprehensive prep course is an efficient way to increase a student’s score. Ivy Test Prep guarantees that after going through its SAT program, students will receive at least 200 point increase.

We are proud of:

Our values

  • Social Justice
    We promote services and resources that address the development needs of our varied clientele. We make a commitment to develop and empower students from all backgrounds and experiences. Ivy Test Prep values different concepts, desires, and perspectives from all facets of the demographic...
  • Education
    Ivy Test Prep offers an extensive range of academic subjects in all major subject groups. We want to encourage the questioning spirit, build strong inter-relationship between students and instructors, and enhance the ability of the student to learn....

Our Goals

  •    To expand collaborative and active learning opportunities for students, faculty, and staff.
  • To demonstrate an ability to interact successfully with individuals of all ages and groups to provide guidance in their use of comprehensive information, including techniques and methods.
  • To continue professional development by maintaining the purpose and role of providing quality service for the life-long learning.
  • To evaluate the effectiveness of cognitive and academic interventions.
  • To cooperate with each other effectively with others in the planning and decision-making processes at the student level.