SHSAT Prep at Ivy


What is the SHSAT?

The SHSAT is a specialized high school admissions exam that is used for 8 out of the 9 specialized high schools in New York City. The 3-hour test is split between the Math section which does NOT allow a calculator, and an ELA (English) section that tests reading comprehension and revising. 


How do I prepare?

Like any other test, it is recommended to start early. For rising 8th graders, it is recommended to start towards the end of the Spring and Summer of 7th grade.


Step 1: Diagnostic Test

It’s important to know your current score to pre-determine the amount of tutoring needed for each subject (Math and Reading/Writing). After we assess strengths and weaknesses, we suggest a program for you, or we create a unique 1-1 tutoring program.



Step 2: Choose a Study Program


More customized programs available upon request.

Online, In-person, or Hybrid meetings available.

All SHSAT Programs include free study materials.

Experienced and Service-Minded Teachers

We pair you with one of our highly-qualified, professional instructors that have years of teaching experience. We provide all study materials, and practice tests so you and your tutor can easily access them.