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High School Tutoring at Ivy

As you balance keeping up with school, fulfilling extracurricular commitments and preparing for college, you might need an extra hand, and our expert teachers at Ivy are happy to help. Ivy Test Prep’s subject tutoring, SAT, ACT and AP Exam Prep and college counseling programs are designed to give talented high school students like you the extra push that will take you towards achieving your dream.

Our services include:

Subject Tutoring Standardized Test Prep College Counseling
Math (all topics) SAT Prep Choosing Colleges
English (Reading & Writing) ACT Prep Choosing Programs
English as Second Language AP Exam Prep Application Essay Help
Physics PSAT Prep Admissions Interview Prep
Chemistry TOEFL/IELTS Prep
We offer the shortest SAT Prep programs for
expected score increase