At Ivy, we believe in an inclusive approach to college admissions

Alongside academic excellence and affordability, social justice is one of Ivy’s core values. In order to be fully inclusive with our college prep programs, we also offer one-on-one tutoring to prepare non-native English speakers for the TOEFL and IELTS. Ivy’s TOEFL/IELTS teachers are certified in English as Second Language (ESL) teaching, and come with years, even decades of experience.

Short Duration, Intensive Programs

As an English Language Learner, you must be so frustrated seeing so many of your academic, professional and day-to-day activities limited by your language skills. Moreover, you might not even have the time to dedicate to learning the language.

At Ivy, we aim to help you achieve your expected score through no more than 12 classes. Based on your performance in an initial diagnostic test, we will decide how many of those classes to dedicate to reading, writing, listening and speaking. In addition to classes, you will also be taking two full-length TOEFL or IELTS tests during your program.

Experienced Teachers, Personalized Tutoring

Past students who have expressed disappointment with other tutoring centers have all had the same complaint—that the tutor acted like an arrogant know-it-all. On the other hand, Ivy teachers will be your expert friends, coaches and guides, as evident from the fact that they are all ready to tutor you at any location of your convenience!

Flexible Locations, Friendliest Prices

Study at Ivy and save up on your commute. Thanks to our extensive network of experienced and service-minded teachers, we are able to offer personalized SAT prep programs at a neutral venue in your town, or even in the comfort of your own home. Also, because our programs are only as long as they absolutely should be, you will be spending the least at Ivy compared to any other tutoring center.