SAT Prep at Ivy

SAT & PSAT Prep at Ivy 


It’s simple—colleges want applicants with high SAT scores. We see the SAT for what it is — a necessary obstacle that needs to be cleared to get you accepted into your dream school.

At Ivy Test Prep, we will help you get them.


Step 1: Diagnostic Test

It’s important to know your current score to pre-determine the amount of tutoring needed for each subject (Math and Reading/Writing). After we assess strengths and weaknesses, we suggest a program for you, or we create a unique 1-1 tutoring program. 

  • – Initial SAT Diagnosis and Baseline Score Report
  • – Analyze strengths and weaknesses of students’ Math & English

Step 2: Choose a Program

Our 1 -on- 1 Programs are all Personalized. This means that we take time to strategically understand the diagnostic report in Step 1, and communicate with instructors to make a clear process on how we will reach the student’s goal.

  • – Personalized Study Plan Based on Diagnostic Report
  • – Exercises on Time Management & Test Taking Skills
  • – Flexible Study Hours
  • – FREE Study Materials and Practice Tests
  • – Check-ins and progress meetings based on students’ goals


Step 3: Meet Your Instructor

We pair you with one of our highly-qualified, professional instructors that have years of teaching experience. We provide all study materials, and practice tests so you and your tutor can easily access them.