SAT Prep at Ivy

It’s simple—colleges want applicants with high SAT scores.

At Ivy Test Prep, we will help you get them.

Other tutoring centers will make the SAT seem   like a gigantic monster that’s impossible to slay, just to get you to pay for more hours. At Ivy, we see the SAT for what it is—a necessary obstacle that needs to be cleared to get you accepted into your dream school.

Quality over Quantity

SAT Prep at Ivy prioritizes conceptual knowledge, test-taking strategies and practice. After assessing strengths and weaknesses through a diagnostic test, we will create for each student a unique one-on-one tutoring program. Past students have required no more than a few dozen tutoring hours, combined with an equivalent amount of practice at home, to increase their scores by hundreds of points.

Average Score Increase: 200 points

We believe in equipping students with the most effective learning methods and skillsets so you can later easily practice on your own. Since 2010, we have seen student vastly improve SAT scores after merely a handful of one-on-one sessions with our experienced teachers, and gaining acceptance into Ivy League schools and earning special recognitions such as the Jack Kent Cooke scholarship.

Flexible Locations, Friendliest Prices

Study at Ivy and save up on your commute. Thanks to our extensive network of experienced and service-minded teachers, we are able to offer personalized SAT prep programs at a neutral venue in your town, or even in the comfort of your own home. Also, because our programs are only as long as they absolutely should be, you will be spending the least at Ivy compared to any other tutoring center.

That’s why we say we will not only get you accepted into your dream school but also help you save up for it!

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